Installing KDE on Gentoo hardened

Installing KDE on Gentoo hardened

Installing KDE on hardened requires additional USE flags set to get the necessary components enabled, so the desktop is complete.

I have not encountered any issues running KDE under a hardened Gentoo, all common functionality that I have used works as intended.

This begins with assuming you already are on a hardened profile. I am on hardened/linux/amd64 which according to the portage profile structure means my profile is located at /usr/portage/profiles/hardened/linux/amd64. Reference the given link to locate where your profile is located if you are on a different profile.

  • Add the USE flags from:


  • to the global USE flags that are in:


This currently contains the following:

USE=“consolekit declarative dri kde kipi phonon plasma policykit semantic-desktop xcomposite xinerama xscreensaver”

  • Append the contents of /usr/portage/profiles/targets/desktop/kde/package.use to your /etc/portage/package.use file

This currently contains the following:

# Resolve conflicts with slot 5 ebuilds
kde-frameworks/baloo minimal
kde-apps/kde4-l10n minimal

# Required by kde-frameworks/kauth
sys-auth/polkit-qt qt5

# Required by kde-frameworks/knotifications[dbus]
dev-libs/libdbusmenu-qt qt5

# Required by kde-frameworks/knotifyconfig[phonon]
media-libs/phonon qt5

# Required by media-libs/phonon[vlc]
media-libs/phonon-vlc qt5

# Required by kde-apps/kdenlive:5
media-libs/mlt kdenlive qt5 melt -kde -qt4

# Required by dev-qt/qtcore:5
dev-libs/libpcre pcre16

# Required by kde-frameworks/kcoreaddons
dev-qt/qtcore icu

# Required by kde-apps/kate[addons]
dev-libs/libgit2 threads

# Required by kde-apps/pykde4
dev-python/PyQt4 script sql webkit

# Required by kde-apps/akonadi
dev-qt/qtsql mysql

# Required by media-gfx/graphviz which is required by kde-apps/kcachegrind
media-libs/gd fontconfig

# Required by dev-db/virtuoso-server
sys-libs/zlib minizip

# Not required, but makes life easier with Qt; bug 457934
app-arch/unzip natspec

# Required by kde-apps/libkexiv2
media-gfx/exiv2 xmp

# Required by kde-apps/artikulate
dev-qt/qt-mobility multimedia

# Required by app-office/libreoffice
media-libs/phonon designer

  • Emerge KDE
emerge --ask kde-plasma/plasma-meta

Alternatively, kde-plasma/plasma-desktop provides the basic desktop, leaving users free to install only the extra packages they require

emerge --ask kde-plasma/plasma-desktop
  • Upgrade all installed packages, dependencies, and deep dependencies that are outdated or have USE flag changes (avoiding unnecessary rebuilds when USE changes have no impact):
emerge -auDU --with-bdeps=y @world

You will want to reference the KDE page on the Gentoo wiki to install any application bundles or widgets. Additionally if you want to use SDDM as your display manager as it integrates well with KDE, refer to the following.

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