Home ethernet drop installation

Recently we completed a large renovation of our house, one that involved having some of the walls open. During that time I thought it would be a great opportunity to wire the house with ethernet. I was very excited about this opportunity since it would mean my office could be hardwired. The actual cost of the project, and the time required was fairly moderate - here is what I purchased.

Wordpress using OpenSMTPD for mail delivery

This guide provides instruction of how to use OpenSMTPD for mail delivery with Wordpress. The problem with Wordpress or the SMTP plugins for Wordpress is if the site is compromised the attacker has access to the credentials via what the web server user is able to access. But what if the credentials were stored outside of the http chroot and you just used an SMTP plugin to send to a local MTA which relayed to your mail server? That is what I will outline configuring.