My new backup solution

Hello! Long time no see, unfortunately!

I have something to share, when I was recently looking into backup programs for Linux I ran into Borg, Restic, and Kopia.

GRUB: unknown filesystem on ZFS-based Proxmox

Recently I experienced a very frustrating bug with one of the hosts in my Proxmox cluster. It was not the first time I experienced this bug, previously I was not aware of any fix and had to re-install the system if this occurred. Fortunately there is now a fix!

Moved to Netlify!

I apologize for the recent server outages that made the site inaccessible. I have moved this site to Netlify, hopefully it will have better reliability now.

GoatCounter server setup on OpenBSD

GoatCounter is an open source web analytics platform available as a hosted service (free for non-commercial use) or self-hosted app. It aims to offer easy to use and meaningful privacy-friendly web analytics as an alternative to Google Analytics or Matomo.

I am going to walk you through running GoatCounter on OpenBSD. This approach utilizes the built in Let’s Encrypt and SQLite support, so extra setup pertaining to certs or a larger relational database system like Postgres is not necessary.

This guide was made on OpenBSD 6.8. No steps should change between OpenBSD versions.