esxi guest wont power on

Fixing the Vmware ESXi host won’t power on, in current state (powerd off) error

After I rebooted the vm, changed some settings (attached a dvd drive), it would boot up again. I have had the same happen in a strange instance from removing an ISO from the dvd drive while the VM was on, then rebooting it.

If you receive this error notice:

Failed - The attempted operation cannot be performed in the current state (Powered off).

Then do the following:

Right click the effected virtual machine, select unregister, then confirm by clicking ‘Yes’.

To re-register it:

  1. Click ‘Create / Register VM’

  2. Select ‘Select one or more virtual machines, a datastore or a directory’

  3. Navigate to where the .vmx for the VM in question is, select it, then click ‘Next’ and and then ‘Finish’.

The VM should now boot normally again.