esxi guest wont power on

Fixing the Vmware ESXi guest won’t power on, in current state (powerd off) error

Fixing the Vmware ESXi host won’t power on, in current state (powerd off) error

After I rebooted the vm, changed some settings (attached a dvd drive), it would boot up again. I have had the same happen in a strange instance from removing an ISO from the dvd drive while the VM was on, then rebooting it.

If you receive this error notice:

Failed - The attempted operation cannot be performed in the current state (Powered off).

Then do the following:

Right click the effected virtual machine, select unregister, then confirm by clicking ‘Yes’.

To re-register it:

  1. Click ‘Create / Register VM’

  2. Select ‘Select one or more virtual machines, a datastore or a directory’

  3. Navigate to where the .vmx for the VM in question is, select it, then click ‘Next’ and and then ‘Finish’.

The VM should now boot normally again.

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